Hilda Moraa
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A Kenyan Startup Journey


A Kenyan Startup Journey is a practical book that openly and practically shares key lessons I learnt while being a founder and running Weza Tele – a tech startup distribution company that recently got acquired by AFB. This book speaks to aspiring and existing young entrepreneurs in Kenya and beyond, who are working hard to make ends meet, possibly the only thing they breathe and dream about is their startup.This book is therefore a reflection of ‘Silicon Savannah’ (a term that is now associated with Kenya) story and for future generations to learn from us and do better than us.

“Currently the books are only on hard copy at various Hubs in Nairobi and soon I will be self publishing the e-book.” to “Currently the hard copies can be found at iHub, Nailab and Petes Coffee based in Bishop Magua. For the e-book download here”

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Copyright © 2015 by Hilda Moraa
Book design and production by Mike Muli
Foreword by Jessica Colaço
Editing by Rhoda Omenya
Mentors: Joseph Mucheru, Vinayak Garg

Peer reviewers: Marissa Drouillard, Erik Hersman and Newton Kitonga
Author photograph by Abu Okari
Graphical illustrations in the lessons by Mike Muli
Poetry by Hilda Moraa