Best Way to Travel Europe

Traveling around Europe may be fairly expensive. Airline tickets, high-speed trains, overnight trains, ferries. They can all eat to your limited and precious travel budget.

However, a few recent trends which have helped travelers go around Europe cheaper. Weaker foreign currency exchange rates, the increase with the sharing economy, new bus options, and plenty of new budget airlines. There are now a great deal of cheap methods to go around Europe as a result of every one of these changes.

I’ve been traveling Europe since I started backpacking there in 2006 and still have seen countless things change over that time period. I’ve watched travel hacks come and go and prices change and change again. I can honestly say that it’s never so much easier to by pass Europe as there are so many new cheap solutions to travel the continent.

And, in this post, I’ll construct all cheap approaches to travel Europe.  Show you just when was the best time to use which transportation type:

The 5 Best Ways To Travel Europe Cheap

There are seven approaches to bypass Europe: bus, plane, train, car share, backpacker tours, Eurail pass, and hitchhiking.

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Traveling Europe by Busabout

Busabout is often a hop-on/hop-off bus service just like the Oz or Kiwi Experience in Australia and New Zealand, respectively. A lot of backpackers make use of this technique of visit circumvent along with meet other travelers. You can go up and down whenever you want along the specified route.


You can buy tickets that let you travel their whole network which has a set quantity of stops, for instance, a nine-day flex pass, which provides you nine stops from the starting city. The pass also comes with a guide and quite often includes group activities. A two-week pass is $299 USD.

If you figure you can travel to about six cities in 2 weeks, that’s $50 an outing. When you consider the soft advantages of helpful information, included trips, and meeting people, Busabout becomes price similar to trains and flights – though still higher priced when compared to a regular public bus. Their unlimited passes for $1,499 for six months of travel is the foremost long-term transportation deal. The only issue with Busabout is when you would like to check out a city not on certainly one of their routes, you have to make your personal way there at an added cost.


Traveling Europe by Megabus


Megabus can be a cheap way to go around the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) in addition to to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Tickets can cost less than 1 GBP in the event you book at the very least 30 days upfront on popular routes. Even if you don’t accept this extraordinarily cheap offer, you can still get a more reasonable price compared to the national bus system, because the tariff rarely reaches 20 GBP.

I recently boarded a 5 GBP bus from London to Bristol. (The train? 45 GBP!) That ticket was just bought the day before too! In addition, Megabus also operates trains to several destinations in the UK, starting at 10 GBP. Megabus is definitely the cheapest way to get around the UK now can be the lowest priced way to have to Paris, Brussels, or Amsterdam.


Taking the train? Consider going point to point

train in ueropeIf you can plan your Euro trip well beforehand, there are a few great savings to become created from booking train fares beforehand.

Plan your schedules using the German D Bahn website and also take a look at  the excellent Voyages SNCF.  For example you’ve can be from Paris to Milan for €29 currently, Frankfurt to Amsterdam or Paris in less than 4 hours from just €39 or from Copenhagen to Hamburg in 4.5 hours starting at just €29. ( An epic 45 minute ferry ride included. Here’s my account with the trip )


The Cheapest Way To Travel Europe: Hitchhiking

HitchhikingThe best way to visit Europe cheaply would be to not pay correctly and hitchhike. Hitching is pretty common in Europe (and quite a few safer than you believe), and I’ve met many travelers that have completed it and possess been fine. I myself traveled in this way in Bulgaria. But it’s imperative that you make use of your head when hitchhiking. Always rely on instinct, and use common sense. If the situation feels unsafe, bail out as quick as you can.

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Traveling Europe Using BlaBlaCar


The rise with the sharing economy has allowed website visitors to hop a ride with locals going their way, and BlaBlaCar is the reigning king of the service. It’s hugely popular and widespread in Europe, and I’ve used this service more often than not. It permits you to rideshare with others who have extra space in their car. You find a ride, they consent to get you, and from you go. You can find rides for as little as 5 euros.

European Tour Packages with Airfare

This is the BEST paid way to bypass Europe. You get to meet an area, have a very friendly conversation, save tons of money over bus and train travel, and acquire from the highways plus more in to the countryside.

Alternatively, there are websites where you’ll be able to request rides providing you help out for gas. Gumtree may be the most popular among backpackers.