Welcome to My New Blog!

Nice that you’re here! I am so excited to finally share my new site with you. As my own journey into the world of tech entrepreneurship and startups continues to evolve I find myself receiving endless requests from young aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to share lessons I have learned and continue to learn along the startup and entrepreneurship journey. Also inspire and peer mentor them positively through my thoughts and opinions. So I thought it was right to start sharing more through my personal blog and interact with the online community of entrepreneurs. I will try my best to post regularly.

I have also shared the e-book version of my book “A Kenyan Startup Journey” that can be purchased here. The book summarizes my 10 key lessons and in each lesson it pinpoints the key takeaways that will be vital to a startup growth. I will continue to expound on each of the lessons through this blog and also receive all feedback and comments from entrepreneurs who have already read the book through the commentary section at the bottom of the “Buy Book Page.

If you want to subscribe to the blog so you never miss out on anything exciting then just sign up at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions I am happy you get in touch with me through my contact page. Cheers! Happy blogging to me and Happy reading to you 😉

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