The Best European Tour Company to Discover Europe Together!

1.  G Adventures

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As the name might suggest. This is amongst the best European tour companies for the fun feeling of adventure out of all tours it runs. It helps with a traveller in your mind, Bruce Poon Tip, who got the thought after backpacking in Asia.

It’s always said that the main objective had not been on helping with holidays. But on “changing people’s lives” which ethos lives on. Going on one of these simple tours means you won’t just see things. You’ll experience them. You use local transport (pack light!). Eat out at locally-owned restaurants and usually reach the core from the places you are going. There’s an importance on sustainable travel practices that people can definitely get fully briefed with.

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Choose coming from a range of tours, from Classic to Active to YOLO. With this kind of number of options, G Adventures can suit a myriad of travellers. Although their original audience remains to be strong. Those who don’t wish to participate in it too safe. Don’t want their experience airbrushed and like to take risks. The tours are often quite active nevertheless the company are moving away from their traditional 18 to 39 age group.

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Whoever’s about the tour along with you. You understand they’ll be up to get a laugh and keen on authentic experiences – like you. We love the ‘London to the Mediterranean on a Shoestring’ and ‘Discover Moorish Spain’ tours.

2. Trafalgar


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This one of the most established tour companies in Europe and it has been delivering interesting, varied and affordable tours since 1947. Thats basically when tours to be sure them appeared. Trafalgar was always the main point on travel! Its a powerful way to meet like-minded travellers nobody love getting to the center of the place. Enjoying cultural experiences and visiting unique places. The accommodation is usually great along with the perks include queue skipping and access. Participants get to exceed the large name sights to master how to cook in Italy or tour farms in France.

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With a real premier reputation.  It won’t come as a surprise that Trafalgar is especially loved by the older crowd in what might be referred to as a ‘classic touch’. This doesn’t mean it’s slow, or dull, simply that you’ll spend more time chatting with people and dealing with know a place with the locals. In lieu of horseriding off mountains. Another plus could be the cost. Trafalgar focusing on offering tours ideal for those on a budget.

European tours incorporate ‘Best of’ country tours, ‘Great Italian Cities’, ‘Spanish Wonder Summer’ and ‘Traditional Europe’. Their experience and expertise is obvious each and every stage and also you’ll find out more than you ever expected.

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3. Intrepid Tours

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You could have already guessed this from your name. But this can be definitely among the best European tour companies in case you’re searching for fearless adventuring (inside a supported context, needless to say!). Its brand is exactly about ‘real life experiences’, so expect big detours from your beaten track!

As most tours have a very maximum of 10 participants. You’ve got much more possibility to get close to the local culture and life-style than you’d with massive groups in coaches. You’ll use trains and and grow at independently run accommodation, with a lot of sparetime. Be warned: if you want circumstances to be super-planned, avoid them!

There aren’t any official age limitations even though average travellers are aged between 18 and 45. What is differentiated could be the comfort and ease. There is a collection of ‘Basix’ tours for all those people over a shoestring, ‘Original’ using a bit more offered and ‘Comfort’ for the highest a higher level activities and accommodation.

We love the idea from the ‘Iceland Discovery’ tour for something truly different, or Dubrovnik to Athens for many in the Mediterranean’s most gorgeously rugged coast.

4. Contiki


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If you’re bored of planning to cities, traipsing around museums and then never finding the optimum nightlife, a Contiki tour is designed for you. It specialises in providing lifelong travel memories for folks between the ages of 18 and 35 – young, adventurous those who need to have a thrilling time while seeking new places.

It’s information on spontaneity on a Contiki trip, not lengthy itineraries planned down towards the last second. There are loads of different concepts on the trips, from ‘High Energy’, which does what it really says on the tin, to ‘In Depth Explorer’ if you like cultural travel, to multi-country ‘Discover’ tours which will have an extensive mix of activities and destinations. You can camp, ski, visit festivals or cruise; whatever floats your boat, really.

Contiki is of your by-word for party tours now and it’s definitely for those who desire to have fun both day and night. They say that 50% with their travellers are going solo and everyone expects to make friends and socialise. It’s its not all tequila body shots, we promise, but whether you’re nearer the 18 or 35 end of the age ranges you’ll definitely need a lot of your energy!

In Europe you can pick from Greek Island Hopping, a Berlin to Budapest trip or maybe a short city break like Christmas in Amsterdam, or many more. Whatever you are going for, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable time.

5. BusAbout

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Love the thought of every one of these fascinating tours but have no idea how you’d ever pay for one ones? Enter BusAbout, a wallet-friendly tour company that wants to help adventure-hungry travellers experience up to they can without breaking the lender.

There’s a large-ranging bus network that permits travellers to ‘hop on’ and ‘hop off’ flexibly and independently. They might stop business class but they’re comfortable enough and you’ll be able to watch movies online or utilize the Wi-Fi. The drivers and guides will almost always be keen travellers and thrilled to share what you know of the countries you’re open.

It’s a great way to keep your independence while learning more about places and progressing to know other like-minded people about the journey. It’s also pretty ideal in the event you’re not just a fan of flying!