Things to Take to The Beach

Here are 10 ideas about what you should bring on your way to the beach.

If you read about passing through this simple list, I will tell you the details and how to package your beach items so that one person can bring everything!



Don’t forget to bring along plenty of H2O. When baking in the sun all day, even more water intake is required than on a regular day.

Sand toys

Sand toys

with EXTRA shovels. Always have way more shovels than you need. Kids will flock to your toys and you don’t want fights over who gets to use the shovel. Shovels are also known for handle breakage – so extras never hurt.

A Whistle


When the beach is crowded, it’s really easy to accidentally lose sight of your child or vice versa. You see your child emerge from the water but not know where you are sitting. To remedy that, you can bring along a “family whistle” so your family members will recognize the sound and end up back by your side if they accidentally stray a little too far.

Flip-Flops for All

Flip-Flops for All

Don’t struggle with shoes you can’t just kick off. When you get to the sand, you’ll want to take off your shoes. These are the easiest way to go. Plus, they protect the bottom of your feet from the hot sand on the way off the beach.

Baby Powder


Good-bye, sandy feet! Use baby powder to get the sand right off – it works like magic!

An Extra Blanket


Keep the towels for drying off. Putting a big blanket on the sand to lie upon will give you plenty of room. Plus, blankets tend to be heavier and easier to weigh down on the sand. Believe us, nothing is worse than when your towel blows away!

Beach Picnic Lunch

Beach Picnic Lunch

The rest of the stuff I can already have packed. The beach picnic lunch is the only real chore I need to do to get us out the door. We usually have simple PB&J, with apples or carrots, and a few snacks thrown in. I don’t know what it is about the beach – but everything just tastes better. Your water bottles should already be packed in your backpack. I only bring what I can fit in the backpack. If it’s a family day at the beach and I have help — then I might consider a cooler.



Nothing increases your appetite quite like a day of running in the sand and wave surfing. Make sure that you bring plenty of snacks to keep your energy up.

Beach Chairs


Don’t feel like lying down all day? Pack some beach chairs! Check out these top 10 beach chairs if you need help deciding which is best for you!

Beach umbrella

Beach umbrella

My umbrella is light and it rests perfectly atop the toys and towels. It doesn’t really fit inside the bag, but it balances there pretty well.

A Book magazine


Laying down for hours without entertainment not really your thing? Bring some light reading material to fill the void when your family is still playing but you’re getting a little bored of the sand and sun.