Top 10 Luggage Rack for SUV

luggage rack bags for suv

When your trunk is not enough, a cargo carrier could be a camper’s closest friend.
Adventuring through life takes a lot of gear and apparel, and quite often it’s multiple trunk are prepared for, particularly if you’re prone to driving a much more compact vehicle. Luckily, there are tons of rooftop carriers to lighten the burden. These are the 9 best ones available.
1. Curt 18115 Roof Rack Cargo Carrier
At under $100, this 11 cubic foot hauler is pretty easy to install on many base rails. With 4-inch tall sides, the 41.5-inch x 37- inch footprint takes stowage seriously in spite its common look. With less resistance to rusting and corrosion as time passes than more costly models, Curt is a superb option for periodic use or travel in drier climates. Tipping the scales at a minimum of 29 pounds, the 18115 trades heavier metal for a price $50 less than other choices but handles equally heavy loads. Prize about $97.

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2. Yakima 15 ShowCase Cargo Box
For 50 percent from the cargo box population, the 15 cubic feet of storage inside Yakima may well be more than enough. Coming up in short supply of harboring skis, it nonetheless fits snowboards as well as an entire week’s worth of essentials. Duo -side opening aced it for testers, as did authentic latching with an anthracite finish. Small to medium SUVs are ideal matches with integral lid stiffeners to include confidence when loading, latching, and locking. Prize about $700.
3. Front Runner Outfitters Slimline II Truck Cab Rack
Make use from the often ignored truck cab roof and add a rack specifically designed to match your truck. Front Runner racks can be purchased with more than 40 different accessories to choose from, so no activity will likely be forgotten. Don’t let the reduced profile design fool you, these racks are tough as nails and will probably outlast your motor vehicle. Prize about $988.
4. Rockey Mounts 14ER Cage Basket
Let go of, strap, and spin with Rocky Mount’s elegant solution for lugging extra cargo. Unlike many lighter aftermarket systems, this one handles as much as 150 pounds across a 43x53x4-inch basket. Wrestle this into position, secure with (included) universal crossbar mounting hardware and savor the effortless cruising with a lot of load-conquering service ahead. Prize about $270.
5. Rage Powersports Heavy Duty Roof Rack
Hardware comes willing to clamp this affordable, partially assembled rack to existing crossbars. In our opinion, the 150-pound rated capacity could possibly be pushing the limits of the design. A less durable finish delivers this product at under $200 with 1-inch outside tubing and nearly limitless attachment points. At below 15 punds, handling Rage doesn’t require Hulk-like strength so its more desirable for regular removal and storage. Prize about $200.
6. Rhino Rack Roof Mount Cargo Basket
Fitting all 90mm x 33mm max Aero bars from Rhino yet others, Cargo comes styled which has a front wind deflector and a much more curved 1-inch tubing profile to cut back crosswind interference. Plenty of attachment points compensate for any slightly squashed storage area that still adds around 165 pounds total load capacity. Rhino offers fitting style for most SUVs and crossover vehicles. Prize about $260.
7. Sportrack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box
This is the place the charge per cubic foot is almost rock-bottom. With enough room for a group trip lasting per week or higher, the 18 cubic foot Vista XL can survive moderate conditions without hinge or closure failure. Rear opening was designed to shield owner and contents from oncoming weather or traffic-propelled dust but limits access as it requires bumper climbing most of the time. Prize about $337.
8. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier
More just like a Swiss Army knife compared to a Swedish-designed carrier, Motion XT musters serious materials in addition to mechanisms value use within the most extreme climes. A fast-attaching PowerClick strategy is one of many smoothest around, justifying some of the premium attached to the Thule brand. Likewise, the SlideLock system takes power over locking along with indicating when closure is complete. Prize about $675.
9. Kuat Mini Skinny Roof Basket
All appearances, this is what search and rescue teams use to airlift humans from inhospitable land. Spesific 68 x23x7 inches, Skinny uses the vehicle’s entire length while freeing up crossbars for further attachments. An integrated 9mm skewer allows placement of a single bike at around 50 pounds to amp up the year-round utility. Prize about $295.
10. The Sport Car Top Carriers are 100% waterproof and attach to vehicles with or without a roof rack!
The aerodynamic Sport Car Top Carriers can be found in (4) sizes to match any size vehicle, WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack. Attach the carrier’s straps to some vehicle’s roof rack or make use of the Car Clips to add the straps with a vehicle’s door frame weather molding. Prize about $120.