1. Sky Heart Hotel Kawasaki

Sky Heart Hotel Kawasaki18 minutes to Tokyo, 8 minutes to Shinagawa, 8 minutes to Yokohama, twenty or so minutes to Haneda Airport. It is convenient for both business and sightseeing. Feel free to feel relaxed during my room feeling apartment type! It is ideal for group use for each 200 rooms. The Sky Heart Hotel Kawasaki is additionally very popular with various organizations for example conference rooms and coin laundries, including sports juveniles and business associations, groups to get held for events and more!

Sky Heart Hotel Kawasaki received a score of  3.5/5 with all the much more than 57 reviews entered on tripadvisor.com. The Prices started from $ 41.

Visit the Official Website: https://www.sky-hotel.jp/kawasaki/

2. Pearl Hotel Kawasaki

Pearl hotelNurtured within a protective shell, a pearl grows slowly in a never stand still marine environment, eventually transforming into a perfect, high-quality, gently glowing gem. Likewise, we envelop our all guests while using kind of service that keeps them safe and secure, letting them pursue their goals free of anxiety and worry. Our all guests take advantage of the form of quality space and time that leads with a radiant future. Hotel mission would be to offer our all guests an improved tomorrow.

Pearl Hotel Kawasaki received a score of  3.5/5 when using a lot more than 54 reviews entered on tripadvisor.com. The Prices started from $ 32.

Visit the Official Website: https://www.pearlhotels.jp


3. Chisun Hotel Hamamatsucho

Chisun Hotel HamamatsuchoAt Chisun Hotel Hamamatsucho, we are expecting the arrival of everyone with bright and speedy service and fulfilling facilities. Enjoy a snug sleep in clean rooms. Enjoy a delicious Japanese and Western food buffet breakfast including Japanese side dishes prepared for dinner, salads brimming with vegetables, and a limited-time offering menu. It is a service that supports a cushty stay that freely selects necessary amenity and loan items coming from a dedicated station set up in the lobby. The photograph can be an image. From banquets of huge number to small groups of dining and meetings, meetings works extremely well extensively. For breakfast, you can expect ‘Good Rice Morning’ Japanese-style buffet which delivers Chisun Hotel, luncheon has been doing fulfilling buffet around the globe.

By all means, we are expecting everyone’s use.

Chisun Hotel Hamamatsucho received a score of  3.5/5 while using considerably more than 226 reviews entered on tripadvisor.com. The Prices started from $ 34.

Visit the Official Website: https://www.solarehotels.com

4. Super Hotel Shinbashi Karasumoriguchi

Super Hotel Shinbashi KarasumoriguchiBESTWESTERN Yokohama will provide you relaxing space and room for business and leisure travelers. Front-staff will probably be always your service with all the best collection of leisure spots and business use of anywhere you want. Well-furnished rooms using a work-desk, Television, telephone, high-speed access to the internet, ac, hairdryer, refrigerator, bath, shower and toilet.

Super Hotel Shinbashi Karasumoriguchi received a score of  4/5 with all the much more than 202 reviews entered on tripadvisor.com. The Prices started from $ 36.

Visit the Official Website: https://bwhotels.jp

5. Tokyo Kiba Hotel

Tokyo Kiba HotelAutomation products allow businesses to optimize their systems to optimize profit. Our Virtualization products allow computer systems to own several os’s using one computer (like OSX and Windows) as well as for individual servers to work like many servers at once for creating cloud computing environments.

Tokyo Kiba Hotel received a score of  4/5 with all the a great deal more than 253 reviews entered on tripadvisor.com. The Prices started from $ 37.

Visit the Official Website: http://tokyokibahotel.co.jp